Sri Sri Ayurveda: Another Brand To Compete With FMCG Biggies, After Patanjali

The FMCG sector may be in for some more disruption as analysts believe that after Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali shook up the space, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Sri Sri Ayurveda (SSA) products will now make the going tougher for the existing consumer players.

Sri Sri Ayurveda to expand footprint
Sri Sri Ayurveda to expand footprint

A recent report by Edelweiss Securities says that while Sri Sri Ayurveda has a long way to go before it can emulate Patanjali’s success, the path will nevertheless be easier as consumers have woken up to the possibilities of auyurveda, as has been demonstrated by Patanjali’s success.

What’s more, Sri Sri has 37 crore followers, estimated to be more than five times that of Baba Ramdev, owner of the Patanjali brand. However, the current sales and growth figures for Sri Sri are not available.

Established in 2003, SSA has products across categories such as breakfast cereals, health drinks, oil, spices, personal care, oral care, cookies and ready-to-cook items. But unlike Patanjali, which has a strong presence, SSA has still to develop a network that can sell its products.

It is currently selling products through 600 franchised stores, but plans to open 2,500 outlets in India by 2017. Besides, SSA already has an online presence and sells products through its websites. Kishore Biyani, owner of the Future Group, has also expressed willingness to sell SSA products in its stores.

“The ayurveda industry enjoys consumer trust. These companies don’t have to spend much on branding as promoters of these companies are brands in themselves,” said an analyst who requested not be identified.

Other spiritual gurus such as Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Guru Ram Rahim and Aurobindo Ashram are planning to take the same route.

Sri Sri Ayurveda to expand footprint